Im behind on blogs I won’t lie about that. Work isn’t just taking the photos, its about showing the world them after. But I don’t. I make sure my client is happy then move on.
Someone said just write them Kristy, doesn’t matter if there perfect (theres a thing on these blogs that shows how many mistakes you made)
So here I go! Snow shoot in Gateshead blog.

Leo and Apollo in the snow. Boy and his Best friend. Snow shoot in Gateshead is the best.

So this is a typical mini shoot, we didn’t stay out too long, half a hour for this, it was cold after all and Apollo didn’t want to wear gloves (its a kid thing) but we had so much fun and I even got hit a few times too!

This shoot took place right close to me (pelaw fields) and most of my shoots are around Bill Quay farm area.

More on mini shoots can be found here.

Hope that you enjoy the photos and never be put off of having shoots in the snow one day.