North East Wedding Photographer and location portrait photographer for children

Working closely around the Gateshead area of Bill Quay and South Shields for portraits and all over the north east of england for weddings.

I’ve worked to the highest quality from northumberland national park down to north york moors national park, and across the country towards the lake district.

  • North east beach wedding

North east beach wedding

If your from south shields you'd know the beach very well. Its a place most of sand dancers grew up at. So, when we get married, we kinda want to have a bit of it [...]

  • 1930's shoot

1930’s Fashion shoot

Fashion through the ages project. 1930's fashion. A project from myself and Dayna! This isn't a copy of 1930's fashion but inspired by. Our aim with this project is to do each decade over the [...]

  • St Pauls Monastery Jarrow

St Pauls Monastery Jarrow, wedding.

St Pauls Monastery Jarrow. A place i often visit but was yet to do a wedding at until this one. (we did a fake set up shoot there a few year back but this was [...]

  • The woodmans arms wedding

The Woodmans Arms wedding

The Woodmans Arms wedding in Whickham. This is easy one of my new favourite places to eat after this wedding! we went to do a little look around as I do with all my new [...]