About Me – Kristy J Ranson

Hello! If you are reading this then I guess you are looking for a photographer and want to find out a bit more about me.

For the past 25 years I’ve been working in the North East and around England as a trusted wedding photographer & family photographer.  I’ve photographed everything from press to birth photography.

So me?
Well I have 5 children (18yrs, 16yrs, 14yrs & 7yrs and 5yrs old) and my angel baby who we lost half way through the pregnancy.

The kids are all autistic as well as ADHD for some, just like me.

That makes the whole house nerdiverse now. (easier for me raising ND kids as a ND adult) makes this a sort of a area of mine I know well! I often end up in long long talks with other parents who understand the struggle of fighting EHCP’s or CYPS and how broke the system is.  I guess if your around me enough my passion and obession of light and photography shine through so much you’ll understand me a bit more when you know I’m ND.

All this has given me a better understanding of the world, of people and made me such a chilled out person. Im open, happy and helpful.

This is why i’m also broke, I value happiness over anything so dont want to upsell stuff, like prints, albums and all that jazz, leaves me happy but poor.

Id take pepsi over coke, sweet and salty popcorn and love Nightmare before christmas. Skulls, art, all creativing things.

I have a million hobbys, from tarot cards (bit of a witch at heart) to painting to archery and I love my allotment, know me longer than a week and I’ll be feeding you fresh veg.

Watching someone get married is the most wonderful experience.  Getting to share a couple’s happy day is what makes me love my job so much, I still get goose bumps talking about it.

I dont forget weddings, the day, the feelings and the people. I do forget names, often half way through the day and end up calling people bride and groom or mam and dad!

My favourtie thing to photograph is babies, newborns, I just adore those 1st few weeks of life.

I have cats and dogs too.

I can’t spell, my grammer is bad. Im dyslexic and at school my teachers called me worthless, an idiot, Id be a no-one so why bother teaching me.

At collage I thrived, I got distinctions in my work. Just shows the right place builds the person. Best thing was leaving all the school bullies behind and moving on to some great times.

This meant that it was a struggle for me to get to where I needed to be but I did get there.

Now these days I don’t care as much if its spelt wrong, you dont pay me to write the book, you pay me to tell the story through the images.

In fact I started to re write my website as me, Ive taken the mask off and its me your getting now. Not the fancy SEO perfection. What you read is from the heart.

So photography is my area. My very strong area & thats what I have my pride in.

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Thank you


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