Beatrix-Rose 6lb15oz. My pot of gold. The last baby to be born.

Do you know what a pot of gold is?

It’s a term to describe the baby born after your rainbow baby (the baby born after a loss of a baby)

This also my last baby so the term “my pot of gold” was most fitting to her.  There’s something different when you have your last baby, when you know it’s the final one.

With the others I was wanting them to grow up, to help them each step of the way, pushing them along.  This time Im grasping to that baby stage.  Feeling sad with each mile stone as well as pride.

This is the last baby I’ll ever have, the last cuddles, the last night feeds.  That last baby smell i’ll get to have. my beautiful newborn Beatrix aka Trixie.

gateshead newborn

Trixie has a type two tongue tie.  I can feel it right away, the 1st feed in the hospital, I contact a friend from LLL tyne and wear and get an appointment with milk and mums.
My mam pays the fee to have her TT snipped at 5 days old.  By this point though my nipples have already took a battering and her weight has dropped. but we soon recover and were doing great breastfeeding.

If it wasn’t for the breastfeeding support I got things may of turned out very differently.

gateshead newborn

A self portrait, oh how I wish I can spilt myself into two at times.

gateshead newborn

Trixie is growing each day, more happy and strong, she feeds less often, and starts to watch me, interact with me. Having a big Apollo she gets a few hand me down clothes so photo below is his old sleep suit.  Baby clothes are so expensive, I still have this, can’t seem to let it go, now both of them have wore it. Apollo adores Trixie, he just loves to cuddle her.

gateshead newborn

her brother Apollo giving her love and attention.

gateshead newborn

At home, not posing lol

north east newborn

At grandmas house in the family crib

She’s now 2mths old, she’s getting bigger, those 1st clothes are being packed away and the 0-3 is breaking out, I’m crying, sat crying here.

My tiny baby is no longer a tiny baby, this is the last time I’ll wash these tiny tiny clothes.

north east newborn photography

3mths old. filling out.

north east newborn photography

The boys watch over trixie

Of course as you know I have a dog, Leo, a vizsla. Leo was used to the baby thing, he was around for Apollos birth and he knows the baby is 1st.

Leo however becomes a little protective of the pram, so when I’m walking along with both babies in the pram, he doesn’t really want to leave my side.

she just loves the silver foil.

So we also got a sensory basket from sensory treasures. it’s a hit! also  great gift idea if people are wanting to get someone with a new baby something a bit different.

gateshead newborn photographer gateshead newborn photographer

gateshead newborn photographer


gateshead newborn photographer

Trixie and her best friend Lilly

So when you become pregnant you may notice a huge change in your friendship groups, people who you thought were your friends are no longer your friend, people who you thought would be there for you aren’t any more.  But you also make new friends, they become some of your best friends.

Each friend I have now I’ve made whilst being a mam, I love them all. My new close friend this time has a baby girl called Lilly.  She’s a week or two older than trixie and one day we can see them out drinking in the pub together.  Best thing about my new friend, she’s a crazy cat just like me.

gateshead newborn photographer

daddy time

gateshead newborn photographer

So 5 kids, how do I do it, christ knows, but I do.

Just like a plumber takes weeks to fix his own pipes, a photographer can take time to photograph her kids together too!
Not overly happy with this one image I managed to get by shouting “please please sit there, I’ll buy you chocolate”.  I hope my pot of gold realises that this is going to be her life from now on, please please sit and smile for me baby girl!! and yeah thats Apollos old clothes again!

gateshead newborn photographer pot of gold gateshead newborn photographer gateshead newborn photographer my pot of gold

Where now 9mths old, she’s 9mths old!! omg!! that means she’s going to be 1 soon! 1 means I have no baby anymore, thats it gone! but I will have a toddler.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a parent, and more so as a mother of 5, it’s not to stress over the little things, to show them respect, understanding as much as you show them love.

To take many photographs,

Not phone photos, but real ones, the phones great, but these, these are in my heart forever, on my wall. these I’ll always keep!  As my phone sit’s next to me now resetting it’s self I’ve no idea if the 1st photos of my pot of gold will even still be on it.