Mighty kids

A kids photoshoot in a fun way.

whats not what kids want? a studio, white backgrounds, nice and clean. What does a mighty kid want? face paint, mess fun and play.

So yes we took these mighty kids out, they picked sticks up for their hairs, they had their face painted and we had fun.  We ran into the woods like warriors, we chased down the lions, tigers and bears and we won!

A victory, a strong might kid warrior, a tribe! we are strong, we are bright and we stand together, equal. Our mighty kids.

Growing up I hated?

Remember growing up and even as a parent how were faced with words like “man up” silly things like “boys don’t cry” girls wear pink blah blah blah.  No, thats not what how it should be. lets not do this to our kids, lets let them be free to express. What did you hate growing up? comment, tell me? lets change the world.

mighty kids
Mighty Girls

Also loved having our girls here in face paints, covered up, little warriors and being strong and fun. they loved the freedom of the shoot, they got into it so much, we heard those war cry’s far away! letting kids be kids, not mini adults, but kids.

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These shoots are £140, these are fun and a great way for a group of friends to have some fun as well as getting some great images. https://www.kristyjransonphotography.co.uk/packages-prices/portraits/