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Jarrow wedding

Sometimes professionals in the industry gather their thoughts together, they come up with ideas.  So one day a great person said to the next “hey I’ve got this awesome space” she replied, lets dress that space.  Then a photographer thought, lets photograph that space.  So the models were chosen and the dressmaker said “hey, I’ve the perfect dresses” now the 5 people set on to make a little Jarrow wedding.

This is our story

Jarrow Civic Hall,

John Knowles (director and owner of Jarrow Civic Hall) has spent his time rebuilding and making a beautiful historical venue come back to life for functions since April 2011, The hall provides a good space as well as having good photographic areas around to utilise for photography. The hall has a long-standing history and has kept a lot of its period features, it offers a parking to the side of the building & great light from the large windows in the ballroom.  You can read more about Jarrow Civic Hall here http://jarrowcivic.webs.com/.  John values the fact he understands people’s budgets, his room hire is extremely well priced.

John met Kathryn Beattie, a good friend of mine who owns The Whole Sch-bang Event Decor.  A top decor company and again, affordable prices.  Kathryn has a natural flare and talent, trained and skilled but also with a huge vision. http://www.thewholesch-bang.co.uk/

A little word from The whole sch-bang site,

From balloons and funky candy buffets to elegant glamorous centrepieces, styling to vintage themes, unique weddings and party ideas to sourcing unique and modern decor items to give people the 5 star event at affordable costs. I love following all event blogs, and am the first in the queue at the post office for those new wedding magazines – to see all the latest trends and unique looks! I find it extremely rewarding working with people to help from their idea’s, supplying them with our beautiful decor items, and seeing the final design on the day to make every event truly unique and memorable to them.

John, Kathryn & myself discussed our plans. We knew we needed top lady to provide the dresses and I had a perfect one in mind, Wendy who owns My Big Day Bridal. Having worked with Wendy and her dresses in the past I knew she was a good and trusted provider.

A little word from Wendy.

My Big Day Bridal specialises in bridal and evening/prom wear, we offer a range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and evening/prom dresses. We rent out the dresses as well as retail, rental prices for a wedding dress start from £168.00, retail price starts from £298.00, but we do have sample sale’s which you can grab at a very good price! If you are after a particular style do not hesitate in contacting us as we can help you find your perfect gown on your big day! If you would like further details please visit our website www.mybigdayuk.co.uk or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Big-Day-Bridal-and-Evening-Wear-Hire/213063938845734?ref=ts&fref=ts or you can directly email info@mybigdayuk.co.uk

We then had to find models, find a female model was easy.  Marianne had experience in the past of modeling for me and of course helped she was also a makeup artist.  Finding a male model was a little harder, but batman came to our rescue.  No really, Batman did come, well in the form of Jed, who is Batman on a saturday.  He’s also a great dancer so I’ve been told.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to my fiance Jaime who was on hand to help during the day with dressing the room and being my helper.

Thankfully we picked a nice sunny day.  As we were setting up we thought we go out to the field next to Bede’s world to take some photographs, we bumped into a man from the church and with a donation (you do need permission to photograph in these grounds but not in the park) we took a few photographs along the way.  Having amazing fun, laughing and evening losing the balloons in the trees before I got to take the photographs of them (sorry Kathryn)

We then went back to Jarrow Civic Hall to take the amazing shots we got in there.

Please take a look at our day, our selection, the collected thoughts of great minds to create a Jarrow wedding.

Thank you


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