Ever wondered what a north east mini shoot looked like? well heres the blog to show you.

My mini shoots are only £75 and there always based around the pelaw/bill quay area. Theres two reasons why.

1st being I know the area like the back of my hand! where the light is, the best spots, the direction of the sun etc.

2nd, it means I can keep the cost low and pass that saving to you.

Im easy going though, dont be worried if you prefer your home, a park close by, the beech etc.

What do you get?

Well in a north east mini shoot. I always say the shoot it self can last approx half an hour. In that time we aim to get 20 images for you. sometimes its more, but its never less.

The images are then transfered to you digitally, so I send a link you download them.

Some people get the photographs as quick as that day, but I always tell people to give me a week (just in case)

Every photograph you get is ready to print! high res, prefect.

Who can be in the shoot? can we have a group etc?

Yeah 100% that times your time, It can be you, your kids, your dog, your flat/house, your car your selling. If you need me for around half a hour and only need 20 pics, thats the best. (if you need more pics or time full shoots are £140 thats 50 images and a hour)

Below is a winter mini shoot.

This is an example of a mini shoot.

North east Mini shoots
North east Mini shoots
snow shoot
We can add snow to make our winter shoot even more enchanting
sunset and horse
one of my fav images from this shoot, just happened by chance!

This is 21 images from the 30 delivered.

North east mini shoots

The day was getting on late, we raced against time, the weather had been wet but it was dry, there was some clouds in the sky, it was december and cold but we braved it and we were good.

we worked with what we had and it worked well.

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Im ready to book your shoot 🙂