An amazing wedding.

It nearly took me a year to blog this South Shields town hall wedding!

This wedding was on of my favourites, maybe as the couple were amazing? just the day went so well, the dress on her was stunning and I loved each moment of it.
Ill let the images do the talking on this one.

bride photo
south shields town hall wedding
south shields town hall wedding
south shields town hall wedding

South shields town hall wedding, the details!

I can’t remember much of the details or who was who. But i’ll be adding them and links to this post when I get those details through.

Wedding prices:

These are always on my site and can be found here

Town hall wedding details can be found here

The thing is when you write a blog it wants you to add 300 words to make it good for SEO.
South Shields is my home town, I know it very well.

If you do happen to get married here im your gal.

I know the beach, the times, the sun direction, the lot! I know where im going, where to park, who to talk too.
South shields is my area. So i just naturally love to be there.