Recommended Suppliers

People who I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the wedding or party industry, people I know I can trust and people who if it was ever my day, I’d choose. Having worked with some of the most awesome people in the many years I’ve done this, it’s hard to pick my favorites, but I’ve managed to do so in some areas for you, I also know a few people in other areas too, so any questions just send me a message. I’m always happy to help out if your my bride or not.

Makeup artists:

Beautiful Bride Makeovers

Tracey is a very talented make-up artist.  Her site also has some of my work on 🙂


Event deco:
The whole sch-bang

Katherine is amazing, very talented in her area and the best in the business

Recommended Suppliers

One of my shots for my fav people, the whole sch-bang



Car hire:

Rose weddings, I’ve worked with these guys a few times now and there always of the top standard

Recommended Suppliers

Outside the town hall with both the bride and grooms and bridesmaids car