Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

One day my little girls came up to me and said “mammy can we learn to dance”
so I thought I’d look into this, see where to start, Freestyle Dance was something I sort of knew about.
I looked around and I knew of a wonderful woman called Debra Rowntree.  Now this lady became a friend some years ago and I admire her, she’s strong, beautiful imaginative and very talented, pretty much what I hope to be, so a perfect role model for my girls. She has a dance school called DR Dance, and can be found via Facebook

The girls have taken to their lessons, the freedom of movement, the expression and the strength and confidence that’s been built-in them too is amazing.

Freestyle Dance

Summer in her costume before her exam

 Freestyle Dance

They then went in for an exam, for their infant bronze medals.  They passed with flying colours, scoring 99%

they also done a group dance

Freestyle Dance

Nicole in her costume before her exam


We then had a show.  The summer show it was called, now being really new to dance I had no idea what this was or how it was going to play out. I won’t lie, I did make a lot of mistakes, putting the wrong clothes on them, forgetting a costume, in fact my little brother had to drive me home to get that costume! but we did it, we got there and we made an awesome show.  Well the girls did, I watched with pride.


Debra say’s:

“Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul” … It is the Freedom of expression … My Freestyle career was born out of my love and passion for dancing, it began with Ballroom, Latin, Modern and Stage Dancing, then progressed to freestyle where I have had outstanding success. My dance career spans decades and has played significant part in my life and the lives of others and created lifelong friendships and moments in time that I treasure. I have danced since the age of 3, I can’t ever remember not dancing …I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of children … My work involves medal tests, showcase performances, workshops and lectures have also trained numerous students who have gone on to become Dance teachers. I embrace Freestyle Dance and the ‘freedom’ it gives you, as both a teacher and a performer. Dance has … no limits … Age, gender, shape, size, ability, none of these matter, in fact they all add to the ‘variety and diversity that dance creates … I have ran my own successful school for many years, My passion, enthusiasm and fun approach results in my classes being both memorable and enjoyable, I constantly enthuse about the benefits of Dance. My ethos is to create a dance class in which “everyone is someone “ I take my inspiration from the children and adults who come to me …It is an honor to teach, and to see a child grow in confidence, self-belief & ability is a truly a humbling experience. To nurture talent to encourage and to focus, to create an opportunity that makes a difference in the lives of young people … I am thankful that Dance gives me this opportunity.

I believe there is a wonderful Dance opportunity for both children and adults who ordinarily may have not considered dance as an exercise option or a way in which to express their own creativity. Come along to class try it and see, ( Thursday’s @ St Marys Church Hall, Heworth)

My dance journey like any other is filled with emotion and appreciation …I am blessed with the talent of Leanne Maughan who I taught as a child and now assists me in my classes as a qualified teacher .. I also have a student teacher Melissa Rowntree , both are important to the ‘team’ I feel extremely proud and privileged and hope that the happiness Dance has given me is passed on to others through my work. Words and actions have power in a child’s life … So believe me when I say I use them both wisely

My own Dance teacher Ken Park left me a legacy which I wish to pass onto others … To instill a passion for the art of Dance to the next generation and beyond. Dance is an Art … Paint your Dream and follow it … Debra Rowntree … DR Dance x




Freestyle Dance

The girls lined up doing the show with their friend in the middle.


Freestyle Dance

Debra directs the kids.


After the performance the girls were very tired but very delighted with their trophies, they’ve taken them to school, they showed the family, and all their friends, and now… now I’m writing this blog 🙂



Freestyle Dance

what the girls won in the end

I’m excited to see how our journey will end and how far we go, I’m looking forward to our next show.

The Christmas Show


The Christmas how was a perfomance of beautiful dance performed by all the girls in the dance school. Nicole had moved up a class so she’s now dancing with the bigger girls, I could see this one harder for her but she’s tried hard and she kept up and she’s doing well, for children who have been doing this for less than 6mths, there coming on great. The night wasn’t as late this time and I kept up with costume changes, the girls won a award at the end and there faces are full of pride.


freestyle dance

Nicoles high Kick

freestyle dance

Summers kick

Do you children dance? do you dance?