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Divorce, the dirty word. Why is a wedding photographer writing about this?  Well in truth I don't really know, something in my soul said, time to talk.   They say that half of all marriages end in divorce, half! thats a large number. My own 1st marriage ended (when I sort the paperwork that is) [...]

Slaley Hall wedding

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Slaley Hall wedding It was a huge pleasure to photograph this Slaley Hall wedding, not only because I love the venue, but the couple are friends of mine too. Having known Carly and Wayne many years I totally know how much in love these two are. I've known them through our kids, through mam to [...]

Linden Hall wedding

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Linden Hall wedding This was an amazing wedding, I've done many weddings at Linden Hall in my time, I've stayed as a guest too and I've been for meals (gluten free fish and chips is the best, Bride and Groom got me that mmmm) This Linden Hall wedding was in the summer, weather was prefect. My [...]